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Aluminum channel profile t slot

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Aluminum channel profile t slot, or bars, that have channels used to connect other bars and parts — for instance, panels, linear bearings or casters. It is a building system anyone can use to create custom solutions.

Product name: Aluminum channel profile t slot
Profile material: 6061,6063-T5 aluminum alloy
Processing technology: extrusion, cutting, oxidation (according to customer requirements for deep processing: drilling, tapping, etc.)
Customized or not: Customized processing (drawing or sample processing) according to customer requirements.
Aluminum channel profile t slot are used to construct medium weight components such as wheelbarrows, workstations, partitions, display racks, 3D printer structures, etc.You can use the slide into aluminum channel of tee nut for connecting plate, the side of the coupler and so on, the industrial aluminum can form a complete set of all kinds of accessories, such as the lid, T nut, internal stent, Angle profile stents, die-casting bracket, screw connector and linear bar, for you to easily build what you want of lightweight aluminum frame.
Application of Aluminum channel profile t slot :aluminum trolley, aluminum workstation, aluminum partition, aluminum display stand, industrial equipment frame components.