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Aluminum Extrusion Workbench

Anti-static workbench is mainly suitable for the electronics industry and places with strict requirements on static electricity. The use of anti-static workbench can ensure the safety of products.

The assembly line workbench is a workbench used in conjunction with the assembly line. It can be selected and customized according to the actual situation. It is widely used in various production industries.

The fitter's workbench is one of the commonly used equipment for the fitter. Applicable to various inspection work, reference plane for precision measurement, used as a reference for mechanical equipment measurement, check the dimensional accuracy or position deviation of parts, and make precise scribing. It is also an indispensable basic tool in machinery manufacturing.

The workshop workbench is a related product transformation based on the workbench based on customer needs. There are a variety of desktops to choose from. At the same time, it can be installed and used with different accessories. It is full-featured, with multiple specifications, a complete variety, simple and convenient assembly and mobile Flexible, favored by workshop workers.

The heavy-duty workbench adopts heavy-duty aluminum as the workbench frame, which is firm and stable, and bears more than 500KG. The tabletop can be used for assembly, welding, testing, testing, etc. Applicable to mechanical processing, product testing and other places that have certain requirements on load bearing.