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100mm T-slot aluminum extrusion profile

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100mm T-slot aluminum extrusion profile is also known as industrial aluminum profile frame, is an extruded industrial aluminum profile and special industrial aluminum profile accessories connected by the universal system frame collectively.Features wide application range, convenient construction, etc.Commonly used specifications 15,16, 20, 40, 40, 45 series profiles with frame structure and all kinds of parts connection.
Product advantages of 100mm T-slot aluminum extrusion profile :
The100mm T-slot aluminum extrusion profile products have good mechanical properties, high connection strength and large bearing capacity.The surface is beautiful and generous, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.Users can design freely according to the actual needs, and install the mechanical device with perfect structure.High precision accessories simplify the assembly process, reduce the assembly difficulty, shorten the workload, and fully improve the production efficiency.

100mm T-slot aluminum extrusion profile common specifications:
15 series: 1540;20 series :2020, 2040, 2080;40 series :4040, 4060, 4090, 40150, 6060, 6090;
40 series :4040, 4080, 40120, 40160;45 series :4545, 4590, 4560;50 series :5050, 50100;
60 series :6060;80 series :8080, 80120, 80160;90 series :9090;100 series :100100;
120 series :120120;
Application of 100mm T-slot aluminum extrusion profile :
1. Connection of mechanical frame structure and various parts;
2. Worktable, industrial assembly line, conveyor belt;
3. Small automatic equipment and non-standard electromechanical equipment;
4. Industrial inspection and testing and safety protection system;
5. Electronic and auto parts assembly line;